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Turn an old pair of chairs into a chaise lounge http://t.co/5VlYORjee8 + MORE

Pom Pom Throw Pillow

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Hey there Tatertots and Jello readers! It’s me, Melissa from the Polka Dot Chair back with you today to share another fun sewing tutorial! This is my first post for Jen in 2015 and I’m so excited to be here, even if I have a hard time believing it’s actually 2015 already!

This winter we’ve been rearranging our house, which ended up being a much larger undertaking than we were expecting…

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“@lawyer1mom: @RMD_Designs girls night is needed for mental health

unexpected guests: allison serrell.
it’s been too long since my last ‘unexpected guests’ post, and as you may have seen last week — i put out a message on instagram that i’m on the hunt for new home tours (please check this posting on how to submit your space, or refer a great place you’d like to share)…

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This is what we’re tucking into today. You? PancakeDay http://t.co/3JiZMrNo9y + MORE

Kate Hartman shows you how to choose sensors for your wearable projects in an excerpt from her book Make: Wearable Electronics.Read more on MAKE

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Change the Default Save Location of Screenshots in Mac OS X for a Cleaner Desktop + MORE

Change the Default Save Location of Screenshots in Mac OS X for a Cleaner Desktop While my desktop is usually neat and organized, it quickly fills up with screenshots each and every day. Usually, I end up putting them in a folder or just trash them, but why not make the entire process of taking and organizing screenshots easier by changing their default save location? With the help of Terminal, I’m going to show you how to change the default save location of screenshots to anywhere you want in Mac OS X…

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DIY Coffee Mug Display + MORE

DIY Coffee Mug Display

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Hey guys! In honor of Valentine’s Day and Ryobi’s February challenge, we made this cute Coffee Mug Display We LOVE coffee – that counts right? It’s quick and easy to build your own. I’m going to show you how I did it but you need to go over to our friend Jamison’s site – Rogue {…

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Profits dip at Skanska UK: Skanska UK saw its construction profits fall 5% in 2014 despite a 9% rise in revenu… http://t.co/C2hYviXBLd + MORE