Matisse's Paper Cuts Halloween Costume + MORE

Matisse's Paper Cuts Halloween CostumeHenri Matisse was the original cutting and decoupage master– honor him this halloween with a wearable canvas inspired by his iconic jewel colored paper cut-outs. This makes a perfect last minute costume for procrastinators–especially if you have a white T-shirt dress on hand! The supplies for…


Today’s Oct. 2 – the deadline for our Top 20 Under 40 contest! Nominate someone-including yourself! + MORE

@JimmyPiperench it will be available mid October! + MORE

Hack Like a Pro: Digital Forensics for the Aspiring Hacker, Part 10 (Identifying Signatures of a Port Scan & DoS Attack) Welcome back, my budding hackers!

As I have mentioned many times throughout this series, knowing a bit of digital forensics might keep you out of a lot of trouble. In addition, digital forensics is a burgeoning and high paying career. Some knowledge and certifications in this field will likely help you land a Security Engineer position or put you on the Incident Response Team at your employer…


How to Choose the Best Keyless Entry System for Your Home + MORE

How to Choose the Best Keyless Entry System for Your HomeImage Source: Wendi YoungLose your keys again? OK, so maybe you just misplaced them. Still, life is too hectic to spend even an extra five minutes looking for house keys, or — worse — being locked out of your home. That’s where a keyless entry system comes in.With all the technological innovations on the market, we may soon be sending keys to the museum…


Enter Our Workspace Photo Contest!Not all of you reading this are designers, but all of you have workspaces. And we want to see yours! Whether it’s a desk, a studio space, a workshop, a laboratory, a kitchen, et cetera. Send us some photos marked with call-outs or annotations explaining your work-related objects in the photos, and you’ll be entered to win one of Joey Roth’s laser-engraved Woodblocks (details below)…

– core77

MT @ThisOldHouse: Enter for a chance to win a patio makeover OR $1000 to host your own PartyOnThePatio: + MORE

The Intensely Calming Vibrations of Gamelatron + MORE

This robotic display mixes traditional gamelans with modern robotics. The result, the Gamelatron, is entrancing and intense.
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Requirements for adding outdoor outlets


I would like to run a line of outlets on the front side of my house. Ideally there will be:

1 circuit of outlets that are always on for general use
2 circuits of outlets that are on timers, one for Christmas lights, and the other for some hard wired light by our steps.


Can I run 3 circuits through the same conduit and boxes?
What kind of conduit is required for outdoor use?
What is required to run the conduit underground out to my front steps?


4 Beautiful Room Makeovers (Friday Features + Link Party) + MORE

4 Beautiful Room Makeovers (Friday Features + Link Party)

Happy Friday! Today we have a few lovely room makeovers to get your inspired to give a room in your house a look that you LOVE! And remember, you can share your projects at the link party below or by submitting them here or messaging us over on Facebook. Have a wonderful weekend!

4 Beautiful Room Makeovers
Robb Restyle ditched their upper cabinets in favor of open shelves and some rustic farmhouse reclaimed wood…


Insulate Hot Water Pipes for Energy Savings + MORE

Envelope 2000 composite panels by Citadel Architectural Products for high end building design + MORE

Photo: Aura HomeGrid patterns are so on-trend lately and for good reason – they’re sleek and sophisticated, they go with pretty much everything you might already have in your interior decorating arsenal, and best of all, they’re easy to DIY! Click through to see my favourite picks that you can buy or make to pattern up your home…


HGTV Open Concept Dining Table Free Plans + MORE

HGTV Open Concept Dining Table Free Plans


***Tune in to HGTV today at 2PM EST to see the premiere of our pilot, Open Concept! Here is a sneak peak and free plans of one of the pieces of furniture that we built! Make sure to tune in today to see ALL of the pieces that we built!*** So yah.  That just happened. {…Read More…}
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The Lindsay Desk: A Simple Modern Desk with a Built-In Organizer

Hey there! It’s Jamison from Rogue Engineer again and this time I’ve designed a sweet modern desk for you. I’m calling it the Lindsay desk! It got that name because I was given the idea by one of my readers. I know when I have an inspirational block I can always turn to my readers for some great ideas…